Heximal (base 6) Calendar


This is a heximal calendar, optimized to make sense for a base-6 (heximal) number system.

In particular, each week is 10₆ (6⏨) days long, and each month is 10₆ (6⏨) weeks long, or 100₆ (36⏨) days long, making a lot of date math trivial. The weeks now line up with the months, too, so you can tell what day of the week it is by looking at the last digit of the day of the month (and vice versa): the 1st is always a Sunday, as is the 11th, the 21st, etc; the 14th is always a Vensday, as is the 4th, the 24th, etc.

Since 14₆ (10⏨) months of 100₆ (36⏨) days each only makes 1400₆ (360⏨) days, the final month has an additional, seventh week, consisting of 5 days (10₆ (6⏨) on leap years).

Paired with the heximal clock, dates and times both become properly (heximal) metric, with successive units being a simple 1:100₆ ratio! See the blog post for more information and justification.